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One year, two months and eighteen days and I still am to find a home page for the likes of Jagjit and Chitra or Ghulam Ali, though there are bits and pieces available on the net about these artists. This is an attempt to atleast make a complete collection of one or two artists who I admire most. There are also some links here that you might find interesting. Also, People are free to contribute to this page. If you know a home page of any ghazal artist and would like to see it included here please feel free to mail me with the details. -December 1996.

If you have visited this page before, then you will realize that the above date has come up to distinguish between the times, to say how I felt then and why I wrote what I wrote in the above paragraph. Things have changed over the past months. Its nice to know that we have a couple of home pages dedicated to Jagjit and may be others too (need to surf). You will find all the links here which is a result of love and dedication towards these artists and their music. - April 1997.

So what is it, how do you define it, tell me about it..
Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib
Ghulam Ali
Jagjit and Chitra - Complete Albums and Lyrics
Pankaj Udhas
Mehdi Hassan (Best of)

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